LEGO® Batman: The Batmersive VR Experience

Created by Warner Brothers

VR-G 05:10 mins 2019

Fly over Gotham in the Batmobile, party with Superman and fight your evil nemesis in the world of LEGO Batman.


Written by Jon Saunders and John Whittington

Will Arnett as Batman
Zach Galifanakis as Joker
Ralph Fiennes as Alfred
Siri as Puter
Conan O'Brian as Riddler
Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman

Post Production Supervision by Matt Town
Editing by Simon Klaebe
Assistant Editing by Shannon Longville
Color by Sam Chynoweth
Production Coordinators Turea Blyth and Mark de Vivo

Modeling Supervisor Bradley Sick
Lighting Lead Herbert Heinsche
Compositing Supervisor Alex Fry
Animation Lead Alfie Olivier
Layout Lead Heidy Villafane

VR Production by Animal Logic
Sound Design by Big Bang Sound
© 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
© 2017 The Lego Group
TM & © DC Comics

Platforms Supported

  • Web
  • WebVR
  • PSVR
  • GearVR
  • Rift
  • Vive
  • Daydream
  • Android
  • iOS